Connecting Industrial-Assets to Provide End-to-End Solutions


IoT presentation

Real-time data

Deep equipment
metrics analysis


Real-time data

Integration with other IIoT Applications

IIoT Application

Customer insight

Product quality


Digital transformation

execution system

performance analysis

Intelligent manufacturing

Production line
optimization/Improved yield

APM(Assets Performance Management)

Third-party application

Industrial chain finance


Energy consumption management

Smart city

Simulation design

Security monitoring

PaaS Platform

Industrial micro service

Object model management

Bill and

Big data visualization/BI

Equipment A&E



Developer toolkit

Data flow engine

Configurable Designer

Configurable Insight

Basic service

Unified operational

Unified account

Industrial big data platform

Data mining

Data cleaning


Data conversion

Data modeling

Basic statistics

Rule-based filtering

Algorithm service

Data classification

Basic PaaS

  • Multi-tenant management/information
  • Microservice management
  • DevOps
  • Data warehouse
  • Permission and
    authentication management
  • Configuration management

M2M (IoT access)

  • Cloud-cloud interconnect
  • Security
  • Open access platform
  • IoT terminal
  • Cooperation ecosystem


Empowering Vertical Industries in Digital Transformation

Equipment Manufacturers

  • Construction machinery
  • Special vehicle
  • Textile machinery
  • Power generator
  • New energy equipment
  • Agricultural machinery
  • CNC machine tool
  • Medical instrument
  • Boiler
  • Motor
  • Bulk tanker
  • Agricultural facility
  • Industrial pump
  • Battery pack
  • Packaging machinery
  • Robot
  • Dryer machine
  • Casting machinery
  • Industrial furnace
  • Commercial vehicle
  • Air compressor
  • Energy saving/
    environmental protection
  • 3Dprinter
  • HVAC equipment
  • Building material

Equipment Users

  • Logistics
  • Smart worksite
  • Casting production
  • Smart city
  • Smart port
  • TCM production line
  • Smart factory

Financial Institutions

  • Insurance
  • Bank
  • Financial leasing

About Us

IROOTECH is an Industrial IoT platform company which provides IoT and big data services globally. It has over 10 years’experience contributing to life-cycle management and digital transformation for large-scale manufacturing enterprises. Delivering service-as-a-service(SaaS) on public cloud, IROOTECH develops digital applications and solutions based on IoT platforms and changes the way industrial enterprises operate and manage their businesses, enabling clients to reinforce their core competences by improving their core product quality.

Global Team

IROOTECH has a global professional team, in which various experts with diversified backgrounds and know-how focus on industrial engineering, business processes, business operations, cloud computing, big data, internet of things, block chain, etc., and leverage their outstanding insight into Irootech products

Reliable Platform

IROOTECH, with its over 10 years of experience in Internet of Things and industrial applications, has already connected more than 400,000 high-value equipment on its ROOTCLOUD platform, proving its reliability and stability. Real-time data collection, APM, product life-cycle management, intelligent services, big data analysis, artificial intelligence (AI) are key benefits that IROOTECH has provided on ROOTCLOUD to customers, enabling executives from traditional manufacturing industries to meet the requirements of a complex and dynamic environment.

Flexible and Quick Delivery

The IROOTECH platform covers 90% of protocols and makes the implementation strategy even faster. Even if some small or medium-sized companies do not have an IT team or in-house experts, they can still easily integrate IROOTECH services under Plug-and-Play. The SaaS business model also creates more flexible payments, reducing risks of driving innovation.

Cross-Industry Service capability

The ROOTCLOUD platform delivers reusable industrial IoT applications supporting efficient cross-industry applications, covering 42 sub-divided industries such as construction machinery, CNC machine tools, wind power equipment, agricultural machinery, and generators. Cooperating with vertical partners and creating industrial IoT ecosystems, IROOTECH aims to develop more advanced and reliable applications for various industries.

Global Ecosystem

IROOTECH has established a global industrial IoT ecosystem. Cooperating with world-class enterprises including AWS, Tencent, Telenor, Huawei, ARM, Honeywell,Fanuc, Omron, etc. IOORTECH provides industrial IoT services all over the world.

Industrial Model Innovation

IROOTECH contributes to customers’ achievement in industrial transformation with its service-oriented business model, industrial capability, Usage-Based Insurance(UBI), and industrial chain finance, etc.

Enabling Things

Connecting Future